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How do we work

  • Fishermen We work with small daily boats
  • Fish auctions Our buyers select top products at the right time and at the right auction venue
  • L’atelier Our atelier team receives and sorts the arrival of the day
  • Sales team Marie and her team are available to answer to your call from 8 am
  • Preparation Pack a unique order for each customer
  • Logistic We ship all over France, Europe and
  • Les grande tables The best Chefs have been following us since 20 years !

Our commitments

  • Transimission Transmission Sharing the passion and knowledges of our profession
  • Artisanat Artisanat Using artisan methods for manufacturing, farming and breeding
  • Authenticité Authenticité Appreciation of the origin of our products

Collège Culinaire de France

Fine Breton Fishery

Marie Luxe acts as the coordinator of a real artisan fish chain, proposing high quality sea products directly and exclusively from small fishing boats around all the Breton coasts, Normandy, the Basque Country and the Mediteranean.

Marie Luxe

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Our Partners

I work with Marie Luxe in Savoie and in the South of France ... Marie Luxe provides beautiful products, this is excellence.

José Bailly
Chef of the Restaurant Fitz Roy

In two words, Marie luxe is all about listening and quality.

Philippe Bélissent
Chef of the Restaurant Cobéa

Marie Luxe is reliability, kindness, availability and a really great professionalism.

Jean-Luc Le François
Chef of the Restaurant de l’Hôtel Apogée and the Restaurant du Château du Domaine Saint-Martin

Marie Luxe is all about confidence in the quality of products.

Stéphane Buron
Chef of the Restaurant de l’Hôtel Le Chabichou
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Our Team

Led by an experienced management team, our team communicates daily with the various actors in our trade (fishing boat directly, fish auctions).


Founder & Director

Our Know-how

Choosing our products from artisan fishing means you are choosing to respect the ocean’s ecosystem and to support small, craft fishermen.

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Our Know-how

Every order is unique, reflecting our know-how and passion for what we do !

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+33 (0)2 99 14 58 06

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