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Marie Luxe
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Smokehouse Products...

We have developed a selection of artisan smokehouse products to satisfy the most demanding Chaf’s needs !

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Liza ramada

Brown Crab Meat

Cancer pagurus

Crab Meat


Harengus harengus

Label Rouge Scottish Smoked Salmon

Salmo solar

Lemon / Lime

Citron / Citron Vert

Marinated Anchovies

Engraulis engrasicolus

Quid Ink

Salmo solar

Salmon Roe

Sardin Cream

Sardina pilcharus

Smoked Loire Eel


Spider Crab Meat

Maja squinado

Trout Roe

Salmo solar

Urchin Roe

Paracentrotus lividus

Marie Luxe en Bretagne

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