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Our know-how

Organized and managed by experienced persons, our team is in daily contact with the various members of the network (fishermen directly, purchasers on fish markets). Our sales department specifically organizes the choice of your products and the preparation of your order, for a single delivery.

Our fishing methods

  • Inshore fish : fishing practised by all ships going out for less than 3 days.
  • Day-boat fish : fishing practised by small boats going out for only 1 or 2 days.

Net fishing method

Fixedto buoys, regularly taken in, the trammel nets which are made up of 3 adjacent layers, are used to catch deep-sea fish. The mesh nets, made up of only one layer, are udes for open water fish.

Line fishing method

To capture carnivorous fish, which live in the rocky areas, in rough waters, hand lines are used equipped with one or more hooks.

Long lining fishing method

Trawl lines are long lines trailed by the boat, on which hang, over the entire length, lines with hooks, carrying bait.


The trap is a rigid device inside of which is placed bait. The selfish which enters cannot leave.

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